Effacement des données

Protect your confidential data

When IT infrastructure isn’t matching the requirements anymore or the leasing contract is ended, the hardware will be replaced by a new
generation IT equipment. From an accounting point of view these systems have no more value yet these still worth money !

Many companies are faced with the dilemma of how the can get the residual value of their IT assets when they reach there end-of-life, without risk of confidential information getting into the wrong hands. 
Some companies choose to sell their equipment without hard disk, that means less residual value of the IT asset.

ComputerService partners with Blancco, the global leader in secure erasure solutions. And is international approved by CESG, NATO and TÜV-SÜD.

Data erasure and formatting

Discover the benefits of our professional and certified erasure solutions.

100% secure & reliable, guaranteed.


All data of desktop, notebook, smartphone,
tablet and server is being erased and formatted.

After the erasure process the data cannot
be recovered with any existing technology.

A detailled report is the proof
of a sucessful erasure proces.

By this way you can sell your IT hardware without taking risks.
This means more income for your company, without worries.

Contact us for more information or for advice to sell your IT-inventory on a reliable way !


   Confidential data 100% securely erased
 Full detailled report as proof
 Blancco pioneer and global leader, international approved
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