Together to a greener world

Do you have outdated or broken IT-Hardware ?


We have the perfect solution for your company.




We recycle IT for you.






Environment friendly




ComputerService ensures that your old / broken IT hardware is recycled on a responsible way.


The transport & handling is carried out by ourself, across Europe and is being recycled on a professional way.

How we work

After we collected the IT inventory, the hardware is undergoing a detailled check up and is going through our data erasure process


After this the computer systems are going through several technical checks, useful parts are getting a second life in other systems. Defective parts are getting repaired were possible and are getting also a 2nd life in other computer systems.



The remaining components are broken and cannot be used anymore.

For this we work together with a reliable partner that is specialized in recycling of electronic waste according the WEEE requirements, and puts this into new raw materials.

Thanks to this we guarantee that your confidential data is 100% erased and is being recycled on a environment friendly way.

Contact us if you have any questions, or would like advice on how you can offer your IT products on a reliably way !


Together we work on a greener world

   Durable recycling
 Data erasure guaranteed
 Useful parts getting a 2nd life


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